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Back in 2008 Tom and I decided to forge a partnership, and work together to create a business doing what we loved. After years of hard work and relative success, personal goals strayed and the decision was made to evolve Wicked into what it is today. In Fall 2013, Tom and Jay moved to Manchester, NH and created their independent operation, Wicked Performance Group. This announcement is the culmination of the last year of hard work, and the affirmation of a new beginning. Below is their formal announcement.

A letter to our friends and customers

Wicked Innovation moved our location to Manchester NH in September 2013. Since then, we have spoken with many customers who believe this shop is our “second location” and that we still do business in Rhode Island, which is incorrect. To make it easier for our customers and to clear up any confusion as of 2015, the shop that Jay and I operate in Manchester NH will be known as Wicked Performance Group, and we will no longer be using the old name or logo. Likewise, Matt will be tuning under a new name: Transcendent Tuning. We hope this makes it easier for new customers as well as our many regulars.

Thanks to all of you for your support and patronage over the last year!

Co-owner, Wicked Performance Group LLC

I will continue to operate as always, striving to provide exceptional customer service, support, and tuning with proven results. It is my hope that this announcement will be seen positively, and help to clear up any confusion going forward.

For those looking to contact Tom and Jay for their array of services in Manchester, NH, Wicked Performance Group contact information can be found here - Wicked Perfomance Group

For those looking to contact Myself or Jimmy for tuning, parts, installations, and other services, Wicked Matt Transcendent Tuning / Wicked Bodyworks contact information can be found here - Wicked Matt Transcendent Tuning / Wicked Bodyworks

Matt Miner - WKDMAT